No STF, Minister Joaquim Barbosa announces early retirement

Joaquim Barbosa [Carlos Humberto/SCO/STF]

At the beginning of the session this Thursday (29/5), Justice Joaquim Barbosa announced his decision to leave the Supreme Court in late June. He announced that he decided to "get away" not only the presidency of the court, but also the position of minister. "I require my removal from public service after nearly 41 years ", declared.

Barbosa said considering privileged to have been part of the Supreme "in what is, maybe, Your most fertile time, greater creativity and importance in the political and institutional landscape of our country. I feel truly honored to have been part of that collegiate and have lived with different compositions and of course with the current composition.”

Drew attention the speech of the Minister Marco Aurélio, deputy dean of the court, who took the place of Dean, since the Minister Celso de Mello was not in Plenary at login. Speaking off the cuff, Minister mixed expressions of mourning and of rebuke. "The chair of the Supreme Court has a greater wingspan", declared, "But we must recognize that the spontaneous output of each is right".

Marco Aurélio usually has at his fingertips the account of the year, months and days are in the position of minister of STF. Retires in 2016, when complete 70 years. "I regret the output, because I think we should occupy the chair until the eleventh hour, but I understand the decision, even because I'm used to divergence. "

Referring to the judgment of the Criminal Case 470, the process of the monthly allowance, Vice Dean highlighted the role played by the rapporteur Minister Barbosa. But he made a point of saying that the decisions taken were not only a minister, mas do colegiado. “O Supremo, as referee, turned out to reaffirm that the law is the law for all without distinction, which process does not cover, but content. And who does not thank this or that act from the occupation of the chair in the Supreme. "

The Attorney General of the Republic, Rodrigo Janota, remembered the day that he, Justice Joaquim Barbosa and Gilmar Mendes took over as prosecutors: 1No October 1984. "It was a time when we had hair, did not have white hair and no belly ", joked. "I never dreamed in a day to be here and share this responsibility."

Janot thanked the work of the minister - and former prosecutor - Joaquim Barbosa "both as a member of the prosecution and as Minister of the Supreme Court". And reassured the president that he feels with "absolute duty and completely fulfilled".

The minister Joaquim Barbosa was nominated by former Supreme President Lula. Took up his post in 2003 and could stay until 2024. Not said what motivated him to leave six months of the end of his term in office. Some say that he will take any position on the plate of the candidate for president of the Republic by PSDB, Aetius Neves.